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Photo Studio Las Vegas I Photography Studio I  Studio Las Vegas I Renowned Photos | Las Vegas I

Our studio works well for photoshoots, meetings, micro-events with small gatherings or workshops. The studio was designed with all of your creative needs in mind. It's the perfect space to capture anything from portraits, headshots, or fashion and product shoots. We provide you with all of the lighting gear and accessories you'd need to bring your vision to life. CLICK HERE to view a 3D walkthrough tour of our studio.

The studio is located inside the famous Arts Factory in the Las Vegas Arts District. The location is easily accessible from the I-15 off the Charleston exit, just minutes from the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Vegas. There is a restaurant on-site in addition to multiple restaurants, bars, and coffee shops within walking distance.


All of the amazing amenities we offer at our studio are listed below.

• Free Wi-fi
• Free parking
• Complimentary snacks
• Air-conditioning/heating
• Dimmable studio lighting
• Mini fridge with water bottles
• Dressing room with vanity mirror
• Complimentary coffee and tea bar
• Standing laptop desk with wheels for easy movement
• Studio equipment available for use at no additional cost
• 70" Smart TV with HDMI input or Apple TV to connect your laptop
• Bluetooth soundbar for background music or video presentations

Available equipment for use at no additional cost:


• Tulip

• Gray

• Plum

• Black

• White

• Cocoa

• Orange

• Studio Blue

• Olive Green


• Bone

• Sand

• Beige

• Mocha

• Orchard

• Sky Blue
• Blue Mist
• Blue Jean
• Coral Pink

• Evergreen

• Ultramarine
• Primary Red

• Deep Yellow


• Dark Brown 

• Bright Grey


• Westcott 130 Wrinkle-Resistant Chroma-Key Backdrop (9' x 10')

• Godox AD600Pro
• Godox AD200Pro (4)
• Godox V1 for Sony (2)
• Godox V860ii for Sony
• Godox Sony Flash Trigger
• Godox Nikon Flash Trigger
• Godox Canon Flash Trigger
• Godox UL150 Silent LED Video Light
• Neewer Dual LED Soft Video Lighting Kit
• Pixel Photo/Video 552PCS RGB LED Light (2)
• NanLite PavoTube 30C 4 ft RGBWW LED Tube (4)
• Godox Projection Attachment w/ 60mm, 85mm, and 150mm lenses


• MagBox System

• Glow Quick Ball Lantern Softbox (25")

Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (20")

• Glow EZ Lock Collapsible Silver Beauty Dish (25")

• Glow EZ Lock Collapsible White Beauty Dish (25")

• Glow EZ Lock Deep Parabolic Quick Softbox (48")

• Glow EZ Lock Octa Quick XXL Softbox With Bowens Mount (60")

• Glow EZ Lock 31x47" Quick Rectangular Softbox With Bowens Mount

• Glow EZ Lock 16x48" Quick Strip Rectangle Softbox With Bowens Mount (2)


• Westcott 7ft Parabolic Umbrella (Silver)

• Westcott 7ft Parabolic Umbrella (White)

• Westcott 7ft Parabolic Umbrella (Shoot-Through)

• Westcott 7ft Parabolic Front Diffusion Cover (White)

• Westcott 32" Optical White Satin with Removable Black Cover Umbrella (2)


• Foldable V-Flat (Black/White) (2)

• Glow ArcLight II Curved Reflector Kit 

• Tabletop Small V-Flat - Black (12"X18") (2)

• Tabletop Small V-Flat - White (12"X18") (2)

• Neewer 43 Inch/110 Centimeter 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector


• MagSnoot

• MagGrip (2)

• MagGrid (2)

• MagBounce

• Magbeam kit

• MagSphere (2)

• MagGel Holder (2)

• MagMod's Artistic Gels (2)

• MagMod's Creative Gels (2)

• MagMask Standard, Pattern set #1 & #2


• Godox S-Bracket (2)

• Full-size Apple posing box

• Tethering cart with 43" monitor

Godox AK-R1 Accessories Kit (6)

• Bessey 3" Steel Spring Clamp (4)

• Matthews Black Flag (24 x 36") (2)

• Flashpoint 10' C-stand on wheels (4)

• Rosco Color Effects Filter Kit, Sheets

• NiceFoto SF-05 Wind Hair Blower Fan

• Sekonic L-308X-U Flashmate Light Meter

Godox Dual Power Flash Bracket for AD200 (2)

• DJI Ronin-S Handheld 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

• Tether Tools TetherPro USB to USB-C Cable, 15'

• Godox LSD80 LED Mini Photography Studio Tent 

• Sony RMTDSLR2 Wireless Remote for Alpha & NEX

Flashpoint Pro Air-Cushioned Heavy-Duty Light Stand (4)

• Filmcraft Pro Series Tall Director's Black on Black Chair (30")

• V-Flat world duo board - Vintage Oak/Ink Hardwood ("30"x40") 

• V-Flat world duo board - Onyx Marble/Alpine Marble ("30"x40")

Godox BD-04 Barn Door & Honeycomb Grid &4 Color Gel Filters (2)

• Commercial Grade 30" High Backless Distressed Black Metal Stool

• Godox AD-R6 169mm Approx 7" Standard Bowens Mount Reflector (2)

• Neewer Adapter with Mini Ball Head-360 Degree Pan and 180 Degree Tilt 

• Neewer 24"x24" Acrylic White & Black Reflective Display Table Background Boards

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